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Hinton Mills (Frank Hinton & Son, Inc.) was the first major retail feed supplier in Fleming and the adjoining counties to recognize the need for complete one-stop shopping farm supply stores, and has been the leader in our area for farm related merchandise. Our wide-range of products satisfies important farmer needs including feed, seed, fertilizer, animal health products, livestock equipment and fencing materials. We carry paint, hardware and lawn & garden supplies, as well as pet supplies and work clothes & boots. Hinton Mills continues to be known for value and trustworthy, courteous service. Since 1918, the knowledgeable employees at Hinton Mills have taken pride in our company and in the services we provide. Now with four locations, the fourth generation of Hintons continue to serve area farmers. We think Frank L. Hinton would be proud!

FRANK L. HINTON was born in Fleming County in 1891 in the village of Plummers Mill. Orphaned at the age of 6 years old, Frank L. was raised by his grandmother. He finished the third grade at 12 years old and started his own business at 16, buying fur and baby calves. He married at 22 years old and shortly there after Frank L. purchased a small grocery store in Goddard, KY. Four years later he moved on to a much larger general store formerly owned and operated (since 1870) by his uncle O. L. Hinton, at Plummers Landing. This store specialized in lumber, wagon spokes, wagon wheels, wood shingles, and railroad ties, along with hardware and groceries. Frank L. Hinton operated this store until 1956 when he retired. During this time he served as Postmaster for 40 years, President of The Peoples Bank of Fleming County, and Chairman of the Board of the local RECC for which he made many trips to Washington, D.C. to help get it organized. Frank L. Hinton died in December of 1973.

FRANK O. HINTON was born March 31, 1916 in Plummers Mill, KY. He moved with his parents to Goddard, KY at 2 years of age and then moved to Plummers Landing at age 6. He finished high school at 17 and went to work for John McGrath Construction Co. working for 10 cents per hour. After one year, he went to work for his father. At age 26 he joined the Air Force and served his country for four years. He rejoined the company upon his return in 1945. In 1956 Frank O. was appointed Postmaster of Plummers Landing and purchased the business from his father that same year. In 1959 he opened our first feed mill, specializing in field seed, fertilizer, fence, and country hams which we cured ourselves. In 1964, he opened our second feed mill at Jabetown near Ewing, KY. In 1968, we opened Mayís Lick Mill. In 1977, Fleming County Farm Supply opened and was our first location to include bulk fertilizer. In 1987, Hinton Mills added a seed cleaning operation and bagging unit at Flemingsburg. Frank O. Hinton retired in 1992.

FRANK L. (BUD) H1NTON, III was born in Plummers Landing in 1949, graduated from Morehead State University in 1972 and shortly thereafter joined the company. He became head of the company at his fatherís retirement in 1992. In addition to being President of Hinton Mills, Frank L. Hinton currently serves on the board of directors for both the Peoples Bank of Fleming County (where he was Chairman of the Board for several years) and the Fleming County Water Association. Frank L. Hinton also served on the board of directors for the Fleming County Hospital for numerous years. Hinton Mills has grown into a regional business with nearly 50 employees and numerous renovations to all four locations since Bud became president in 1992.