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 Frank Hinton & Son
591 Plummers Landing Rd.
Plummers Landing, KY

Fleming County Farm Supply
1724 Maysville Rd.
Flemingsburg, KY

Jabetown Mill
99 Ewing Rd.
Ewing, KY

May’s Lick Mill
6538 US Hwy. 68
May’s Lick, KY

Hinton Mills Cynthiana
332 Lincoln Ave.
Cynthiana, KY

Visit us for all your farm supply needs. We’re open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday 7:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Hinton Mills offers highest quality custom-mixed feed, seed, fertilizers, crop services, animal health items, fencing material, livestock handling equipment and automatic livestock watering fountains. We also stock lawn, garden and crop protectants, and organic products.

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Hinton Mills Newsletter – July 2021

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2021 Archived Cattle Health Days Information Sessions

We hosted three nights of informational sessions on Zoom as part of our 2021 Cattle Health Days event.  If you were unable to attend, or if you simply want to re-watch a session you found particularly useful, we have archived versions available fory you. Thank you to...

Get Better Feed Efficiency with Rumensin Mineral

Getting the most out of every ounce of your forage is critical. Improved feed efficiency is key to effectively utilizing the forage resources in your beef operation, and Rumensin can be a valuable tool for achieving that efficiency. Rumensin supplementation has been...

Choosing the Right Waterer

Nathan Hinton Hinton Mills Vice President Fresh water is essential to the health of your herd. It may be the cheapest and most important thing you provide your animals. Livestock that drink plenty of clean, fresh water are less susceptible to illness or disease, have...

Interested in a Priefert Cattle Chute?

Here's a really good video from Priefert about their popular S04 model. *Please note that in the very beginning and end of this video, he mentions a few models of chutes that are no longer made. The rest of the information is correct. Back to Cattle Health Days Sale...

Shorten Calving Window With Matchmaker Cubes

Sam White Manager, Jabetown Mill If you’d like to improve your cattle’s pregnancy rate and tighten your calving interval, consider feeding Matchmaker Cubes. They contain MGA, which suppresses heat. You feed two pounds of cubes per head per day for seven days, then...

Identify and Control the Most Economically Important Parasite in Today’s Beef Herds

Ostertagia ostertagi — also known as the brown stomach worm — is the most economically important parasite in cattle. An infection can reduce weight gain by up to 20 pounds per calf, and is estimated to cost the U.S. cattle industry $2 billion per year due to lost...

Fly Control with Tags

Ronald Lawrence Manager, May's Lick Mill Keeping the flies off your cattle helps prevent pinkeye, keeps your cows in better body condition, and helps your calves gain weight faster. Fly tags are one of the most economical ways to help with fly control, and around May...

Triple Trust 350 Brand Red Clover

Superior yields Outstanding Persistance Rapid Regrowth Excellent Cold Tolerance Strong Disease Resistance High Forage Quality With increased research and development, there has never been a better time to use red clover. Triple Trust 350 Brand Red Clover consists of...

Do the Math: How Improved Seed Varieties Make You More Profit

When you purchase seed, the lowest priced option isn't always the best choice. Let's work through an example using Triple Trust Brand Red Clover versus common medium red clover. It's reasonable to expect that the Triple Trust 350 may cost you an extra $10/acre to...

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