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When you purchase seed, the lowest priced option isn’t always the best choice. Let’s work through an example using Triple Trust Brand Red Clover versus common medium red clover.
It’s reasonable to expect that the Triple Trust 350 may cost you an extra $10/acre to seed. However, over a 3-year period, Triple Trust 350 averages more than 14 tons/acre, where the common medium red clover averages just over 8 tons/acre.

At $80/ton for hay, you’ll make $1120 per acre from the Triple Trust 350 compared to $640 per acre from the common variety. Even subtracting the $10 extra you spent on seed three years ago, you still make $470 MORE using an improved variety. In a 20-acre hayfield, you will make $9,400 MORE over three years using improved seed. That’s too much money to ignore.

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