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Sam White
Manager, Jabetown Mill

If you’d like to improve your cattle’s pregnancy rate and tighten your calving interval, consider feeding Matchmaker Cubes. They contain MGA, which suppresses heat. You feed two pounds of cubes per head per day for seven days, then stop feeding it and turn in your bulls. Taking the cattle off the cubes will spur them to go ahead and cycle, and it will be a fertile heat.

Using Matchmaker Cubes, we’ve seen a considerable increase in cows calving earlier in the calving window. If you have cows that tend to have calves late in the season, it will help pull them forward.

If you can get a cow to calve 21 days earlier, and that calf gains about 2 pounds per day, that’s an additional 42 pounds of gain at weaning. Put current market prices with that, and it’s easy to see why Matchmaker Cubes make sense.

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