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Contains varieties especially chosen to complement one another to produce optimal pasture & cattle performance. All varieties in this mix are:

  • Endophyte free
  • Disease resistant
  • Excellent in feed value
  • Adapted to our area

The most efficient method of forage utilization is grazing. The nutrients supplied by grazing are estimated to be half the cost of nutrients supplied by stored feed such as hay and silage. That’s why it makes sense to graze as many months out of the year as possible. Triple Trust Cattle Pasture Mix has been designed with this in mind.

Species and varieties have been chosen for Triple Trust Cattle Pasture Mix with the idea that the abuse caused by grazing is dramatic. Some varieties are better adapted to grazing punishment than others as proven by independent grazing tolerance studies. Triple Trust Cattle Pasture Mix is made up of 40% Coated Persist/Crown Royale Orchardgrass, 10% Endophyte Free Fescue, 15% Green Gold Perennial Ryegrass, 10% Bandito II Intermediate Ryegrass, 21% TT 350 Brand Red Clover and 4% Jumbo Ladino Clover.

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